By Antonia Clare, Frances Eales, Steve Oakes and J.J. Wilson


Co-branded with the BBC, Speakout sends students into the real world with the confidence to really “speak out”!

Speakout provides the motivation, authenticity, and skills focus that adult learners need. Through information-rich content based on the best BBC programmes and carefully structured activities, Speakout gives learners the confidence to communicate fluently, and the skill of active listening. Its systematic approach to reading and writing develops critical skills in the digital age.

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In stunning magazine style, twelve units present content that will appeal to adult learners’ curious minds.
  • Two input lessons focus on skills, grammar and vocabulary development.
  • A functional lesson provides contextualised and structured speaking activities, and models and rehearses important listening strategies.
  • Careful scaffolding makes sure students progress with confidence all the way.
  • In the unit roundup, the BBC extracts in the DVD spark off discussion and meaningful oral and written interchange
  • A Lookback page wraps up the unit and provides further communicative practice of the key language covered.

Active Book is a complete digital version of the Students' Book for use on a computer and includes audio and video material.


Speakout Active Teach is a multimedia package, which can be used with a computer and a projector, or with an interactive whiteboard. It offers access to the Student’s Book, audio, film and TV extracts with optional subtitles, and additional classroom resource activities and worksheets.

Visit the Speakout Website for additional online resources and to link through to our ELT Community pages to engage in discussion with colleagues and the Speakout author team.

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