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Pearson English Kids Readers CLIL
Pearson Kids are now ‘Worldly-Wise’ kids too!

• CLIL titles for balanced learning that reinforce and extend content from other areas of the primary curriculum.
• 6 levels that maintain the highest quality design and the same stringent criteria for levelling and writing.
• From Butterflies and Frogs and Where I live to Island Hopping, there’s a whole range of different areas and topics to choose from.
• Lots of additional content and resources on Pearson English Kids Readers website: sample pages and MP3 audio; teachers’ notes and a wide variety of activity sheets for each title.


Pearson English Active Readers

Integrating skills through reading

Research showed teachers wanted a special series of books that could be used specifically in the classroom with more exercises and project work.
We produced titles with materials allowing teachers to take an integrated skills approach to using readers. All Pearson English Active Readers titles are supported by audio recordings and an interactive MultiROM containing exercises, worksheets and progress tests.


Pearson English Readers

Something for Everyone!

From original titles to film adaptations, from classics to comedies and plays, our readers stay true to the original texts but are underpinned by extensively researched grammar and vocabulary syllabuses meaning your students read real books in language they understand... while all the time improving their language skills.



Taking children on a journey towards excellence in English...

Built on the belief that language should be explored and enjoyed – not just learned – Wordsmith is a whole-school approach to English with reading for pleasure at its core and grammar skills seamlessly woven throughout.

All of the texts in Wordsmith have been selected for their quality, power and teaching potential and are the very best models for children’s own writing.

  • High quality fiction by top authors selected in conjunction with former children’s laureate Michael Rosen effectively presents issues and topics that make great hooks for really crosscurricular units of work.

  • ‘Single voice’ Poetry collections for Key Stage 2 from the likes of Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah provide deep inspiration to young learners as these collections will familiarize children with renowned poets, their lives as individuals, and their own inspirations to help bring their work to life.

  • Non-fiction that’s better than a book is great fun and motivating for the reader. An extra plus: it’s even better for developing their research and synergising skills.